Fitness simplified.

A trainer in your pocket, for free.

Available on iPhone + Apple Watch

Just work out.

Flex helps you achieve your goals faster. The app does all the planning and tracking so you can just focus on your workouts.

Workout Guide

All you need to know during your workout at a glance.


Spreadsheet Mode

Make edits on the fly during a workout in spreadsheet mode.

Smart Progressing

Automatic exercise loading and deloading based on your past performance.

Apple Watch

Log sets and see the rest timer right on your wrist.

Find or create workouts.

Explore our optimal programs and workouts for each fitness goal, or build your own with our powerful tools.

Fitness Goals

Designed for a full spectrum of fitness goals from lose fat to build muscle.

Gym or Home

Hundreds of hand-crafted programs and workouts for gym or home.

Workout Editor

Simple and powerful tools to customize and build workouts.

Stay active, see progress.

Flex helps you stay consistent. We’ll schedule your workouts for you and even notify you when it’s time to workout.

Exercise Stats

Your exercise progress, neatly visualized over time.

Workout Calendar

Follow your routine and visualize your workout consistency.


Hit your streak goals by following your workout routine.

More to love...


Easy to use

Body weight tracker

Plate calculator

Music control

Available on iPhone + Apple Watch

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